i’ve wanted my own URL for years. i guess you could call getting your own ‘official’ domain a sort of digital rite of passage. however, getting one is just the first step. because then you have to figure out what to do with it. ANYWAY: this blog will no longer be in service, and i … Continue reading

The Renewed Mind

I’ve got thoughts rolling through my mind that I’ve been wanting to post here for quite some time. However, I’m simply at a loss for words and don’t have sufficient time to find them. Nevertheless, this is simply delightful: Man, I love Christians. For many of the same reasons that I love Steve Urkel. ————————————————- … Continue reading


Sacred Way is quickly approaching it’s ‘launch’ date, and slowly but surely I’m getting more excited. The recent 2-3 weeks leading up to this date have been anything but stress-free, as we have been changing our plans around concerning just about everything that has been going on. Ron (our fearless leader) is getting quite anxious, … Continue reading


Had a meeting with Jeff Barber last Thursday night. Jeff is the Arts & Events Superviser for the city of Santa Clarita. Looks like Proxart will be doing a lot of partnering with the City in the next month/year. Brace yourself Chalk Art Festival! Led worship at Sacred Way last Wednesday for the first time … Continue reading

i’ve felt pretty damn tired.

At the end of Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”, he tells a story about how – as a child – he witnessed a pastor lie about how many people accepted Christ in one of his services. ┬áBell goes on to make the point that all of us have seen Christ misrepresented at one time or … Continue reading