i’ve wanted my own URL for years. i guess you could call getting your own ‘official’ domain a sort of digital rite of passage. however, getting one is just the first step. because then you have to figure out what to do with it. ANYWAY: this blog will no longer be in service, and i … Continue reading


Not only is it awesome that people can find my blog by searching something as random as this, it’s awesome that this dude spelled ‘sandwiches’, as ‘sandwitches’. Rock on. Also, I don’t know what’s up with my quotes. My backward sixes, should be backwards nines. This TypoGeek Moment brought to you by Erik Spiekerman.


finally, people search terms that apply to things i’m good at:

nerdy details.

if you have searched ‘sacred way church’ or something of the like, and it led you here to my blog, and you try to go to the sacred way website, it won’t work right now.  we’re having some problems with our FTP client (if you don’t know what that means, it means you have a … Continue reading


this is probably my all time favorite search that anyone has done to find my blog.