riddle me this:

why did i EVER take a friday morning class!? c’mon espresso roast. do your thing.


gotta love school.

starbucks has closed.

no. they haven’t. you can stop worrying now. i just returned from the mandatory ‘partner’ meeting, and a lot of good things were said/learned (like learning how to create the ‘perfect latte’). however, i have to be back at work at 6 am in order to create said latte. it’s 1:48 am now and i … Continue reading

just beat it.

tonight, i’m having a creative dry spell. so i’m watching what any self-respecting, unproductive person would watch in a time like this: i mean… this is what you watch when you can’t be productive right? RIGHT!?


amanda and i made cookies: and she made (asian) mickey: love.