i’ve wanted my own URL for years. i guess you could call getting your own ‘official’ domain a sort of digital rite of passage. however, getting one is just the first step. because then you have to figure out what to do with it. ANYWAY: this blog will no longer be in service, and i … Continue reading

Where “I like pancakes” may not fly as a blog, it certainly flies as a tweet.

For whatever reason, blogging has an incredibly powerful chokehold on people in my generation. People who KNOW that absolutely no one reads their blog (and that is myself some days) still feel this insatiable need to let the world wide web know what they’re doing all the time. That being said, most people also don’t … Continue reading


Ok, so beautiful may be a bit strong of a word to describe how awesome it is to have “free” wifi access at Starbucks. But I just have to say that it’s a pretty awesome feeling, since I’m inevitably at a Starbucks every morning and/or night. I have a feeling this will add to my … Continue reading

Drinking / Cussing / Smoking / Going To Parties

For as long as I can remember now, Sunday’s have been my day to get all of the dirty work done that I can’t do in the middle of the week.   Scheduling. Budgeting. Invoices. Returning emails. Set list tweaks. Media for Sacred Way’s sunday night getherings.  It is far from my Sabbath.   Saturday … Continue reading

Proxart Monthly Newsletter

sammy and i met this morning to discuss the proxart newsletter for the month of march. there’s some good stuff going on. although, we would like to develop a creative team to meet at the beginning of each month. if you’re interested in getting involved in that, please shoot me an email. if you would … Continue reading