…and it felt like there was a rabid badger trying to crawl out of my throat.

Still not feeling so hot today. Woke up this morning, and it felt like there was a rabid badger trying to crawl out my throat. He didn’t make it out on his own. I forced him out with really hot tea. He’ll be back tomorrow. I’ll be ready.

Currently (#3).

So, this is where I netted out: It is 2:45 am, good night (morning?).


never seen this one before: weird.

There’s a space-ship on stage, and it’s quite rad.

This morning was beautiful. I semi-despise the title ‘worship leader’, because in all reality, I just play music. I happen to connect with God through music, and I think that God has a way of connecting with people through melody. However, for me to think that I am ‘leading worship’ by merely playing songs that … Continue reading

“Harshly Criticizing the Vast Host of People Who Don’t Do Much to Benefit Society”

Only in the contemporary Christian culture would there be a children’s video with the word ‘Lambasting’ in the title: Even I had to look the word up: So, an appropriate translation of this title, for any of you homeschooled children who googled it to figure out it’s meaning, is: “Harshly Criticizing the Vast Host of … Continue reading