The 5:05

I got a 1.8 lens this week. I also started riding the train to and from work. I take the 5:05 out of Burbank, and back into Santa Clarita: I love it. Gives me time to read, watch movies on my phone, and think. Meet new peoeple. Read: relax. That all sounds too good to … Continue reading

Am & Na

before*: after: here’s to two more years, and two more months – *clink* – cheers! ————————————————————————————— * How the h@ll did I get a girl like her, looking like that? My favorite part is the dirt-stache I’m rocking.

Happy New Year > 2009

Well, I ordered a new lens for my camera and I was hoping that it would be in by last night so that I could take pictures of the evening. But it didn’t come. So, I decided to protest UPS’s not-so-speedy delivery by not taking my camera at all. So, I have no pictures to … Continue reading

I need less crap, period.

(and I’m serious.)

Christ (the savior) is born.

(for use tomorrow morning at sacred way‘s december service)