Your church is no more than a ‘good’ institution that teaches ‘morality’ to a bunch of ‘safe’ people.

I used to write a lot about slowing down to listen to Jesus. Then I quit doing it. I was thoroughly convinced that Christians are too busy, and that it was essential for their ‘survival’ to retreat – step back, breathe, and talk to God.   Then I got involved in local ministry.   Then I no … Continue reading

Coldplay sounds different today.

Coldplay sounds different today. And I like it. A lot. Their new album should be interesting. 

Drinking / Cussing / Smoking / Going To Parties

For as long as I can remember now, Sunday’s have been my day to get all of the dirty work done that I can’t do in the middle of the week.   Scheduling. Budgeting. Invoices. Returning emails. Set list tweaks. Media for Sacred Way’s sunday night getherings.  It is far from my Sabbath.   Saturday … Continue reading


I’m not sure why I never fell in love with Led Zeppelin. I grew up around it – though, I’m sure that this is why I dismissed them.    I grew up around two kinds of music: culturally christian music, and classic rock.    I dismissed the former because most of it sucks (although, I … Continue reading

Thanks Chuck.

A widely held opinion in the aesthetic community insists that an artist is more credible if he doesn’t consider his audience during the creative process; the philosophy suggests that a true artist has to make his art for personal reasons, regardless of whether or not people like it (or even want it)… Art is not intrinsic to the … Continue reading