Jesus Was A White Republican.

Right? I usually straddle the fence politically (I have commitment issues), but this kind of stuff makes me sick.

Your church is no more than a ‘good’ institution that teaches ‘morality’ to a bunch of ‘safe’ people.

I used to write a lot about slowing down to listen to Jesus. Then I quit doing it. I was thoroughly convinced that Christians are too busy, and that it was essential for their ‘survival’ to retreat – step back, breathe, and talk to God.   Then I got involved in local ministry.   Then I no … Continue reading

Drinking / Cussing / Smoking / Going To Parties

For as long as I can remember now, Sunday’s have been my day to get all of the dirty work done that I can’t do in the middle of the week.   Scheduling. Budgeting. Invoices. Returning emails. Set list tweaks. Media for Sacred Way’s sunday night getherings.  It is far from my Sabbath.   Saturday … Continue reading

I’ve said it before,

And I’ll say it again: This blog is mostly fluff. It’s just random things that go through my head, random designs I am working on and random videos I watch on youtube that have nothing to do with anything. That being said, I would like to keep it that way. This way, you have a … Continue reading

There’s a space-ship on stage, and it’s quite rad.

This morning was beautiful. I semi-despise the title ‘worship leader’, because in all reality, I just play music. I happen to connect with God through music, and I think that God has a way of connecting with people through melody. However, for me to think that I am ‘leading worship’ by merely playing songs that … Continue reading