read: life is a lot more liveable when you’re not your own publicist.

it’s been a crazy week: lot’s of ups and downs, goods and bads, and on a more extreme scale than usual, too. that being said, i’ve quite enjoyed not feeling the need to write about events as they happened. it’s taken a lot of the stress out of living, to not feel the insatiable need … Continue reading

Never Letting Go…

after being told time (and time again) that jonathan safran foer’s ‘extremely loud & and incredibly close’ is a book worth reading, i’m finally reading it. and i must say: it’s a book worth reading. i’m growing a lot right now. and i’m also trying really hard to resist making some cheesy statement about letting … Continue reading

less than zero.

it’s funny, see. i’m reading this book called ‘less than zero’ by a guy named bret easton ellis. i swear to you, every sentence involves either someone smoking a cigarrette, doing cocaine, or meth, and saying the work ‘fcuk’. every single one. it’s about this kid named clay whose family is extremely well off, they … Continue reading

Infinite > Finite

thoughts, anyone? buy the book on amazon, here.


ashley and i worked late last night making changes to all things proxart… well, all things WEB related for proxart. this means that i dug up passwords** and cracked jokes, while ashley coded his ass off, and did real work. but – because ashley is the man – as of this morning, these proxart sites … Continue reading