We Are (All) Only Human

Here’s one thing that I’ve been learning lately: that we’re all human beings. That we are all trying to figure out what it means to live life on this hell-hole of a planet, and that we’re all finding satisfaction in something. Some find it in government; others in anarchy. Some find it in sex; others … Continue reading

The 5:05

I got a 1.8 lens this week. I also started riding the train to and from work. I take the 5:05 out of Burbank, and back into Santa Clarita: I love it. Gives me time to read, watch movies on my phone, and think. Meet new peoeple. Read: relax. That all sounds too good to … Continue reading

I need less crap, period.

(and I’m serious.)

Office Space.

I’m actually writing this from work. I sit right in front of the boss, so I might get fired. But, to be honest, I don’t know if I care. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been really struggling to find a balance between the work I need to do to make money (commercial design), … Continue reading

Why Am I Still Awake? // Creative Chaos @ RagamuffinSoul

Here’s why: OUTSIDE Go here for full size. INSIDE Go here for full size. Instead of making bulletins for our services, we make paper for notes available, and we have informational brochures (which is what’s being shown above) in the back for people who would like to take one. This is the first in a … Continue reading