Apple is good at everything*. Nevertheless, this screen shot shows one thing that they are overlooking within their scope of awesomeness: They are obviously overlooking the critical – yet fairly common – staff position of proofreader/copywriter.   ———————————————————————————— *Even pissing off everyone – like when they dropped the price of the iPhone from $600 to … Continue reading

Leprosy’s a good enough excuse to miss class in my book.

I’m so tired tonight, that I didn’t catch this beauty before I emailed my typography teacher: “I’ve had the craziest week of my life and I have a leper due in the morning, so I won’t be able to make it to class tonight.” That’s right.  I told my teacher that I couldn’t make it … Continue reading

It’s confirmed (pt. 1)

I have a meeting at 8:45 tomorrow morning, to discuss my weekly hours as a freelance designer for Disney Studios in Burbank. Kinda crazy man. [to be continued…]

Real Quick:

I must say that this is funny: My blog here is titled (if you’re too lazy to read it in the screenshot…) “Currently (#3)” and at the time I looked at this I was currently the #3 blog w/ art as the tag. Maybe it’s because I’m super tired, but I thought it was worth … Continue reading

Currently (#2).

proxart email blast image (formatted for abbey lane): not quite done with this one (obviously). gotta love meta!