There’s a space-ship on stage, and it’s quite rad.

This morning was beautiful. I semi-despise the title ‘worship leader’, because in all reality, I just play music. I happen to connect with God through music, and I think that God has a way of connecting with people through melody. However, for me to think that I am ‘leading worship’ by merely playing songs that … Continue reading

today, i’m stressed.

sundays have been my relax day. i wake up, and make coffee, and an english muffin. i pray.  i read.  i play my guitar. some sunday mornings i have sammy and lenny over, and we just hang out. sundays are beautiful. today, i’m stressed. today , i don’t want to lead worship. today, i don’t … Continue reading

proxart // march

Santa Monica

i NEED to sleep!


amanda and i made cookies: and she made (asian) mickey: love.