i’ve wanted my own URL for years. i guess you could call getting your own ‘official’ domain a sort of digital rite of passage. however, getting one is just the first step. because then you have to figure out what to do with it. ANYWAY: this blog will no longer be in service, and i … Continue reading

Pirates Booty

Just got home. It was an awesome night, so thanks to everyone that came out. I ate a sandwich while I was there, and I also ate a HUGE piece of cake. But, I’m eating Pirates Booty* right now because I’m still hungry for some reason. Also, please click the above link for your own … Continue reading

This was killer the first time we did it.

Proxart is tonight, and normally I would be stressed beyond belief. This is our third one, and with the first two, EVERYTHING fell on me:  promotion, booking, scheduling, any printed materials for the night… it was pretty much all my baby. Luckily, that is not the case today!  This month, Sammy has been handling almostall … Continue reading

reason #475938923 i love my girlfriend:

Amanda Kne:

Is 19 today. So I made her breakfast for lunch: I love you Amanda (even if you don’t love me once you see that I posted your WaffleWoman picture).