i’ve wanted my own URL for years. i guess you could call getting your own ‘official’ domain a sort of digital rite of passage. however, getting one is just the first step. because then you have to figure out what to do with it. ANYWAY: this blog will no longer be in service, and i … Continue reading

(online) exposure titles – OR – tim’s magic motion

here is what the opening title sequence for (online exposure) will look like – though, there will be a different, and moving, image in the background – after it’s all pieced together using “tim’s magic motion“*: this is the first go-around with this, but it’s better to start simple, and add more as we go … Continue reading


i’ve got a lot on my to-do list this week, and most of it has to do with proxart: banner for the site. banner for (online) exposure. title sequence with tim for our first (online) exposure video, featuring the paintings of zach hill. finalize content for our newsletter. find a new venue for black&white (RIP … Continue reading

every once in a blue moon:

someone takes a photograph of me, that i actually like: it’s usually amanda that gets the shot. she’s really one of the most talented photographers i know. seriously. just needs to get behind her lens a little more often. and also, for the record: i’m kind of in love with the girl too. just sayin’. … Continue reading

i might just be too simple for fashion.

also posted @proxart.