Office Space.

I’m actually writing this from work. I sit right in front of the boss, so I might get fired. But, to be honest, I don’t know if I care. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been really struggling to find a balance between the work I need to do to make money (commercial design), … Continue reading

Christ (the savior) is born.

(for use tomorrow morning at sacred way‘s december service)


Sacred Way is quickly approaching it’s ‘launch’ date, and slowly but surely I’m getting more excited. The recent 2-3 weeks leading up to this date have been anything but stress-free, as we have been changing our plans around concerning just about everything that has been going on. Ron (our fearless leader) is getting quite anxious, … Continue reading


Had a meeting with Jeff Barber last Thursday night. Jeff is the Arts & Events Superviser for the city of Santa Clarita. Looks like Proxart will be doing a lot of partnering with the City in the next month/year. Brace yourself Chalk Art Festival! Led worship at Sacred Way last Wednesday for the first time … Continue reading

i’ve felt pretty damn tired.

At the end of Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”, he tells a story about how – as a child – he witnessed a pastor lie about how many people accepted Christ in one of his services. ┬áBell goes on to make the point that all of us have seen Christ misrepresented at one time or … Continue reading