Apple is good at everything*. Nevertheless, this screen shot shows one thing that they are overlooking within their scope of awesomeness: They are obviously overlooking the critical – yet fairly common – staff position of proofreader/copywriter.   ———————————————————————————— *Even pissing off everyone – like when they dropped the price of the iPhone from $600 to … Continue reading

Logos for Los Dogos

Well, I guess technically it’s LOGO (singular) for Los Dogos, since there is only one draft here:   Go ahead, click it to make it bigger!   love. – nate. 

I’ve OD’d on Nyquil three (3) times this week.

Brad sent me home from the studio today because I was spreading the bug. The badger in my throat is gone. Like I mentioned previously, I got him out with hot tea.   However, he didn’t leave without calling in re-con. The sickness is slowly but surely moving away from my chest and up into my … Continue reading

Thanks Chuck.

A widely held opinion in the aesthetic community insists that an artist is more credible if he doesn’t consider his audience during the creative process; the philosophy suggests that a true artist has to make his art for personal reasons, regardless of whether or not people like it (or even want it)… Art is not intrinsic to the … Continue reading

It’s confirmed (pt. 2)

Starting this Monday, I’m working for the Mouse. I will be working Monday through Friday at Disney Studios in Burbank, as a freelance designer handling print production within my department. This is a shock to me. God always catches me by surprise. And I prefer it that way. Wait…  yeah… still a shock.