I had a conversation with Clinton last night after my typography class regarding the refocusdesign website, and he brought up some good points: 1. Clients/potential clients don’t care about what Amanda and I do when we hang out (and you may not care either, but you’re still reading!), so I may not want to link … Continue reading

Herb Lubalin

Presentation for Typography: One thing I love about design classes, is that the presentation (in most cases) has more to do with whether or not it looks good than what the content is. woot!

Pirates Booty

Just got home. It was an awesome night, so thanks to everyone that came out. I ate a sandwich while I was there, and I also ate a HUGE piece of cake. But, I’m eating Pirates Booty* right now because I’m still hungry for some reason. Also, please click the above link for your own … Continue reading

This was killer the first time we did it.

Proxart is tonight, and normally I would be stressed beyond belief. This is our third one, and with the first two, EVERYTHING fell on me:  promotion, booking, scheduling, any printed materials for the night… it was pretty much all my baby. Luckily, that is not the case today!  This month, Sammy has been handling almostall … Continue reading