Christ (the savior) is born.

(for use tomorrow morning at sacred way‘s december service)

21 aƱos.

I turned 21 today (as evidenced below): However, after all the debauchery* of the day, I am sitting in my room reading out of old, half-filled moleskine notebooks. Most of them are filled with ramblings, drawings and/or lyric ideas that went nowhere. Some of it’s not half bad. Most of it is horrible. That said, … Continue reading

The Renewed Mind

I’ve got thoughts rolling through my mind that I’ve been wanting to post here for quite some time. However, I’m simply at a loss for words and don’t have sufficient time to find them. Nevertheless, this is simply delightful: Man, I love Christians. For many of the same reasons that I love Steve Urkel. ————————————————- … Continue reading

Why Am I Still Awake? // Creative Chaos @ RagamuffinSoul

Here’s why: OUTSIDE Go here for full size. INSIDE Go here for full size. Instead of making bulletins for our services, we make paper for notes available, and we have informational brochures (which is what’s being shown above) in the back for people who would like to take one. This is the first in a … Continue reading


Had a meeting with Jeff Barber last Thursday night. Jeff is the Arts & Events Superviser for the city of Santa Clarita. Looks like Proxart will be doing a lot of partnering with the City in the next month/year. Brace yourself Chalk Art Festival! Led worship at Sacred Way last Wednesday for the first time … Continue reading