i’ve spent the last two days watching/listening to interviews of bob dylan… bb king… jimi hendrix… paul mccartney… and, what really strikes me about these guys is that they’re genius is grounded in the fact that they do what they love for no reason other than they love it. they don’t do it for fame, … Continue reading

i just twooted all over the place.

hey, even though i’m involved in all this ‘social networking’, i still think it’s a bit ridiculous sometimes. these guys hit it on the head:

Never Letting Go…

after being told time (and time again) that jonathan safran foer’s ‘extremely loud & and incredibly close’ is a book worth reading, i’m finally reading it. and i must say: it’s a book worth reading. i’m growing a lot right now. and i’m also trying really hard to resist making some cheesy statement about letting … Continue reading


it’s been too long since i’ve played a show. and i mean, a ‘show’, in the primordial/sweaty/loud sense of the word. this video doesn’t help: hoping.

less than zero.

it’s funny, see. i’m reading this book called ‘less than zero’ by a guy named bret easton ellis. i swear to you, every sentence involves either someone smoking a cigarrette, doing cocaine, or meth, and saying the work ‘fcuk’. every single one. it’s about this kid named clay whose family is extremely well off, they … Continue reading