Proxart / July / Poster / 1

Ok, so this isn’t really my first attempt, but I’ll spare you from that one. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Nowhere near final, but it’s a start!

Typefaces Excite Me.

I could easily spend 3 hours trying to pick out a typeface, but man do they get my creative juices flowing. Fun.

(Home) Office

The new (home) office: While everyone else is out attempting to register their iPhone 3G, I got myself hooked up at home. It’s nice. But that’s enough about the new iMac. Since, as I look over my home page on the blog, all I see is references to the Apple Corp, I’ll let it go. … Continue reading

24″ is Big Enough

So, here are the specs (if you’re a geek like me): – 24″ screen – 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme – 2 GB memory – 500 GB @ 7200 hard drive Price: $1599 It’s a refurbished iMac, but it’s the best deal I’ve ever seen for this computer. My consumer mind just couldn’t … Continue reading

How Big is Big Enough?

So the question of the day is, 20″: or 24″: Thoughts?