i’ve got a lot on my to-do list this week, and most of it has to do with proxart:

banner for the site.
banner for (online) exposure.
title sequence with tim for our first (online) exposure video, featuring the paintings of zach hill.
finalize content for our newsletter.
find a new venue for black&white (RIP abbey lane).

the reality is that this isn’t much; it’s not like it hasn’t been worse before.
the problem is that all of these designs have to go from concept to completion… in less than 4 days.
and i don’t want them to look like isht*.

also… i’m finding that trying to work on any kind of to-do list during a normal 8-5 work week is a tough thing to do.

that being said, here’s the first concept I’ve got for the new banner:


and here’s the concept that i’m working with for (online) exposure:


we’ll see what happens.


* 😉

2 Responses to “to-do.”
  1. zacharyhillart says:

    Dude, I really like the floral design! I also like the proximity + art in small print on the side.

  2. justinmiyamoto says:

    i’m thoroughly impressed by your proxart banner so far.

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