cookie monster? safe? no way.

i’m definitely not an advocate for fox news.

in fact, i never really watch news on tv. i read it, and i’ll read anything that anyone on either side (left or right) of the political spectrum has written. i think that’s how it should be, or it’s easy to become unbalanced – especially with how polarized the media is.

however, this morning i stumbled upon this while looking for another sesame street video*:

so i was wondering:
has political correctness made our nation afraid of things that aren’t necessarily bad?
are we at the point where any feeling to any extreme is cast as a bad thing?
and if political correctness frames the environment we live in, are we able to do anything without being self-conscious?

i mean, obviously, being a jerk, and binging on cookies has it’s bad side, and i know that this has been a topic of discussion for a good amount of time now – i’m just wondering what you think.

* don’t ask me why… some days, you just need a bit of nostalgia.

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