We Are (All) Only Human

Here’s one thing that I’ve been learning lately: that we’re all human beings.
That we are all trying to figure out what it means to live life on this hell-hole of a planet, and that we’re all finding satisfaction in something.

Some find it in government; others in anarchy.
Some find it in sex; others in chastity.
Some find it in religion(s); others in non-belief.
Some find it in alcohol; others in sobriety.
Some find it in art; others in stark realism.

The problem with this, is that we all WANT to see these lines.

The line between the religious, and the non.
The line between the democrats, and the republicans.
The line between the filmmaker, and the point he’s trying to make.

We take these lines, and we set them in bold.
We set them up, and we won’t let them fall.
We set them up, so that we can validate ourselves.

We set them up because we are human, and we are in need of validation.
We need to know that we are one someone’s side, and that there is something to fight for.
We must know that we stand for something at all times, or we feel that there is nothing worth living for.

Before I started taking the train to work, I would drive by a cemetary every day.
Some days they would be lowering a casket into the ground.
And I know it’s morbid (apologies), but there were times that I couldn’t help but think about the fact that there was a person inside that casket.
That there was a person inside there that was a lot like me; I wondered what they used to validate their existence.

Did they find validation in their material wealth, like I do?
Did they find validation in how many hits they had on their blog, like I do?
Did they find validation in their religion (or maybe their religious-lack of religion), like I do at times?

What was it that they went to the grave holding?

See, here’s my point with all this:
We are (all) only human.

And until we figure out that the people we are willing to kill (maybe not physically, but maybe through a word, or a thought) are human just like we are – are searching just like we are – these wars will never stop.

3 Responses to “We Are (All) Only Human”
  1. Rose says:


    Accept the other, gain peace within.

  2. Justin Miyamoto says:

    I particularly liked the line about the man in the casket. Maybe that makes me morbid too. 😛

  3. Mike E. says:

    This was quite a thoughtful entry-I liked it. Stay away from those graveyards from now on though!

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