(Potentially) Awkward > New Years Resolutions for ’09

I used this last weekend to relax. Nothing more, really.
I spent the weekend with my family, with Amanda, and with a few close friends.

In fact, I cancelled a few meetings because I just needed time alone – and I was kind of feeling like crap.   

I think I’m better off for it.
It gave me time to think.
To breathe.
To eat (too much).
To drink.

I think there’s something to be said for taking the time that’s needed to really think through the decisions you’re making – as opposed to ‘the American way’ of rushing through things just to get them done.

So, being that we’re going into a new year, I thought I would share with you a few (pre-new year’s) resolutions:

  •  I will not jump through hoops – politics are ridiculous, and nothing ever gets done when people are only concerned with their own personal agenda.
  • I will not put up with unnecessary sh*t, for longer than is necessary.
  • I will not ‘play church’. In my opinion, Church is either a place where Jesus’ people truly/authentically/awkwardly seek His face, and walk away wanting to seek it more – or it is merely a board meeting with a Bible in the room. I will not stick around for the latter.
  • I will work my ass off to see that Proxart grows, so that artists will have a place to find community (and more) in Santa Clarita. I am still figuring out how to do this, but I’m lucky to have a group of people that are as serious about it as I am: so when I say ‘I’ in the last sentence, I mean ‘we’.
  • I will confront some issues that are in need of confronting, when the opportunities present themselves. 
  • I will always know that I have many chances of being wrong, and therefore I will be ready to buckle down and take a (deserved) beating from time to time.
  • I will not write music because I want to be cool, I will write music because I want to play it.
  • I will show my friends that I love them, more than I did this last year.
  • I will show my family that I love them, more than I did last year.
  • I will treat Amanda better, and show her that I love her more often – because she more than deserves it.
  • I will fall on my knees more.

If you’re reading this, and thinking, “Holy hell, Nate. Are you ok?” I would respond with a resounding “Yes!”

I’m doing great, actually, and I’m feeling pretty ready to move forward (I say ‘pretty ready’ because I am going to put off everything that needs to get done – outside of Midnight Oil work – until after this next four-day weekend… I can’t possibly get too much rest at this point in time).

Since people generally need something pressing to move away from, and something obvious to move towards, I am happy (or unhappy) to say that I think I have found both.

So, This is needed.
This is awkward.
This is progress.
This is my going forward.

Here’s to a New Year*.
To a fresh start.

Love & Peace,

* This is the last bit o’ substance you’ll get out of me for the year of 2008. Anything else I post within the next two days will be design/photo related. So, cheers. See you in ’09.


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