I’m not a stranger to traveling*, so I thought I knew what to expect when I agreed to this trip.
That being said, I just got back from Shanghai, and it totally blew me away.

Here are some [completely unedited] shots from the trip:

(the city from the 36th floor**)

(the residential area)

(tea on the river)

(the bundt)


That’s enough for now.

I’m jettlagging like nobody’s business, and I need to catch up with the clock.
It’s lunchtime tomorrow in my head right now, and I need to switch back to California time.

I’m hoping to work on all these photos and get some more/edited ones up by Monday.
*Though, I guess I was a stranger to 18 hour flights…
**Nope: 90% of that is not cloud. It’s smog.

One Response to “Jetlaggin’”
  1. jessica says:

    The air pollution over there is unbelievable. Great photos! Glad it was a wonderful/safe trip 🙂

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