Say to my soul, I am your salvation…

I had originally written a lot of words for this post. 
But I deleted it because I want to let Augustine say it…
because he says it better:

Who shall bring me to rest in you? Who will send you into my heart to overwhelm it that my sins shall be blotted out and I may embrace you, my only good? What are you to me? Have mercy that I may speak. What am I to you that you should command me to love you, and if I do it not, are angry and threaten vast misery? Is it, then, a trifling sorrow not to love you? It is not so to me. Tell me, by your mercy, lord, my god, what you are to me. Say to my soul, I am your salvation. So speak that I may hear. Behold, the ears of my heart are before you, lord; open them and say to my soul, I am your salvation. I will hasten after that voice, and I will lay hold upon you. Hide not your face from me. Even if I die, let me see your face lest I die.

Augustine // Confessions [I.5.5]

I’m in this weird place, that I’m incredibly familiar with.
Yet, every time I get here, I feel like the emptiness is new and it’s biting.
And every time I leave, I feel renewed. 

I’m looking forward to renewal.
It is much needed.


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