Why Am I Still Awake? // Creative Chaos @ RagamuffinSoul

Here’s why:


Go here for full size.


Go here for full size.

Instead of making bulletins for our services, we make paper for notes available, and we have informational brochures (which is what’s being shown above) in the back for people who would like to take one. This is the first in a series of about 4 brochures we’ll be doing, for specific aspects of our community. This particular one is simply a general overview of who we are // who we hope to be.

The challenge of the design was to allow the old(e) feel to respect the new, and vice versa. Tons of fun though.

Alright… NOW it’s time for bed…


First shot at CreativeChaos, over at RagamuffinSoul.com

2 Responses to “Why Am I Still Awake? // Creative Chaos @ RagamuffinSoul”
  1. justinmiyamoto says:

    well, if it looks like i’m copying you…
    it’s because…
    i am.
    i really hope you don’t mind.
    i’ve been writing on my facebook and the design control is too minimal for me.
    I need something that shouts sophistication.
    that proclaims that design (and typography) is important…
    important to the message, and important to the reader.
    anyway, there’s my rant on why i’m here… lol.
    I hope i can design my own template…
    but this one is really amazing.
    it lets the blog posts take center stage.
    so maybe not.

    p.s. very nice design. love the type layout! 🙂
    It’s a bit edgy for me but I have to see it in print.
    I’d give you a full critique but seeing how it’s already gone to print,
    I don’t know if you care. 😛

    p.p.s. we should hang out soon!

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