Sacred Way is quickly approaching it’s ‘launch’ date, and slowly but surely I’m getting more excited.

The recent 2-3 weeks leading up to this date have been anything but stress-free, as we have been changing our plans around concerning just about everything that has been going on.

Ron (our fearless leader) is getting quite anxious, which was evidenced by his little meltdown last Wednesday night in our temporary house church. But, in light of his high level of commitment to this church plant, and the amount of sacrificing he’s done for the mission God has called him (and I’m guessing every other Christian in the world to – missional living…) to, I will completely allow him a public meltdown from time-to-time with no thought as to whether it was ‘right’ or not for him to do it.

We have seen most of our plans fall through, concerning everything from the way we were going to conduct small groups, to some of our printed materials, to the way we wanted to get the word out about our existence.

Because of these challenges, I’m assuming that now is the time for us to actually wait on Christ, and know that all of this is in His hands. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

I think we have focused to much attention, for too long, on the task at hand, and now Jesus is prying our eyes back to focus on the Taskmaster. We have given it everything we’ve got, and now we know that it is up to Jesus.

All that to say, I’m very excited to be involved in such a messy church. One that is honest, and is wrestling through what it means to be a Christ-follower, as well as learning how to be truly authentic, in such an inauthentically-authentic Christian world.

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