60-70 hours.

Given that today is the first weekday I’ve had ‘off’ in over 6 months, it’s not surprising to me that I’ve found myself completely uneasy. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that I have nothing (urgent) to do.

So far, I have successfully sat on my ass at home. Then, read a book and sat on my ass at Starbucks. Now I am right back where I was this morning; sitting on my ass at home.

I keep reminding myself that today is not a day for ‘meetings’ or ‘business’.
That it’s just a day to relax, and enjoy living.
But I can’t quite get it through to myself.

I think I’ve gone a little off the deep end in terms of thinking like a businessman.
I see things a little bit differently now, and I’m trying to determine if that’s all bad.

Being involved in everything from a major corporation, a grassroots organization, and a church plant has not only brought me  a consistent 60-70 hour workweeks, it has brought me an insatiable desire to create ALL the time.

My mind is constantly thinking about how to creatively market our small business and our church (though I hate calling what we do with Sacred Way marketing).
How to create a sustainable work environment for the people involved – even if that environment is 90% online and not in person.
How to keep creative juices flowing between everyone on the teams I’m involved with (again, keeping in mind that these teams are usually facilitated online).
How to keep everyone (myself included) focused on the tasks at hand.

Although, I would consider myself more of an artist, I’m also thinking like a businessman, and I’m starting to be ok with it.

I enjoy creating, and hoping that what I create will impact people beyond myself.
I guess that’s how artist and business can get along.


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