Had a meeting with Jeff Barber last Thursday night. Jeff is the Arts & Events Superviser for the city of Santa Clarita. Looks like Proxart will be doing a lot of partnering with the City in the next month/year. Brace yourself Chalk Art Festival!

Led worship at Sacred Way last Wednesday for the first time in 3 months. Hate the terms ‘worship leader’, and ‘leading worship’. Nevertheless, it was a very powerful time for 20 people in a small apartment in Santa Clarita. God doesn’t (only) live in churches with big buildings.

I am struggling with how to ‘authentically’ do church in a country with increasingly inauthentic ‘authentic’ Christian communities.You know what I mean: every church is ‘real’ and ‘authentic’. On paper. How does a church go about producing really ‘real’ people? Is it even possible to do that now?

My to-do list for the above two projects (Proxart & Sacred Way) is every growing. Seems like I go to sleep having accomplished two to three things, and I wake up with twenty more things on the list. I’m lucky to have my friend Sammy to hold me to my deadlines, and my schedule for these two things.

Average hours per work-week @ Disney: 54.

I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Swiss design, and letterpress printing. I am trying to find a local SoCal printer that would letterpress a short run of personal business cards for me. If you know anyone, please shoot me an email with their contact info! I heart grids.

I (also) heart Puma shoes, and might be developing a small obsession.

Amanda has been gone for a long time now. I see her on weekends. I miss her terribly.

Granny and Papaw – just a more creative way to say “Grandma & Grandpa” – have been living in our house for 77 days, 1 hour, 44 minutes, and 12… no, 13 seconds. They leave this Friday. 4 more days. I’m not counting for any specific reason.

I had an epiphany last weekend while walking through my local mall: I have everything I could ever want and/or need. And more.

Proxart & Sacred Way designs –  both in process, and final – will be coming your way soon. I’m even making Proxart desktop backgrounds. They’re going to be awesome, and formatted for your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac or MacPro. But not for your Dell.

Stay tuned.

*This quick update brought to you by My Obvious Lack of Creativity; and also by The Fact That I Have Nothing More Interesting To Write About; And, of course, viewers like you.

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