i hate math.

I’ve been doing a lot of math lately.
And I hate math.


My parents are giving me my phone bill starting next month (iPhone!). I work in Burbank, and I drive there every weekday morning, so I will be hopping on the Metrolink – which is another fee – within the next two/three weeks as well.

In addition to that, since I’m not taking as many units in school this semester, it looks like I might (and that’s a pretty big might) have to start paying my insurance as well.  Let’s hope that either Walt can cover that for me, or that I can work around it with my parents somehow.

I knew that this would happen someday soon, and I’m glad that God has provided me the necessary income to handle it if need be, but it’s absolutely no fun to pay bills with the money I’ve earned.

One Response to “i hate math.”
  1. thatoneblogger says:

    Man that sucks. My parents just pay MY phonebill. Yeah that sucks that you have to use your own money. I hope that day doesn’t come until I move out or something lol.

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