It’s definitely Saturday.
And I’m definitely at the Studio.
And I should definitely be taking a nap somewhere else. 


One Response to “Definitely.”
  1. Brian says:

    And I’m at home in my hot room doing work on two computers at one time, including re-uploading my website because I accidently replaced it with another one, and since my site is 3.4 GB big, it’s tying up my whole house internet connection and makes the internet useless and I can’t get other things done nor can I even edit (or anything else major) on my computer since all the memory is being hogged uploading my site and because of that I can’t get any of the work that I need to get done actually done and it’s all taking forever, so I have to resort to doing other tasks that aren’t important because I can’t do any of the real important stuff, but I’m at least doing something for now even though it’s not nearly as important as the other bigger things I need to get done by two days ago, and you may be asking why not use my other computer, well, it’s extracting DVDs to put onto my iPhone which all take forever, and I know that’s not really important at all, but I hate editing on laptops or doing any real work on them since they don’t have a mouse and the screen is so tiny, even though I have a 17-inch screen, I still consider that tiny compared to my 20-something sized screen I use for doing everything, but at least all this gives me time to take naps, many naps in fact, long ones too, since my bed is two feet away, or I can go down stairs to the living room and take a nap there where it’s much cooler

    Yay! You used “real” tags.

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