Boring [pointless] Little Update.

I’ve been too busy/tired when I’m not busy to blog lately.
However, I just want to assure all 100 of you readers* that I’m still alive. 

Life’s just kinda crazy right now.

Late nights and early mornings.
ALL the time.

I will be back here regularly in about 5 days.
Until then, cheers.

– nate.

*100 readers = my mom 100 times, probably. 

One Response to “Boring [pointless] Little Update.”
  1. Brian says:

    I’d hate it if my mom or dad knew I had a presence on the internet, reading everything I write and looking at all my work, and, dare I say, getting involved with my life and knowing something about me and what I do. We try to distance ourselves from knowing a little too much about each other.

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