Dear Morgan Spurlock,

Dear Morgan Spurlock,

While I believe that your intentions were right, and your heart was good, I think that others will agree with me that Supersize Me actually made people want fast food even more than they did before.  

Sure, maybe it had the effect you wanted it to in the short run, but in the long run most people probably eat it more often than they ever did.  

I have experienced this effect first hand.  

I watched the film after it first came out a few years ago, and it took me a while before I could even look at the golden arches (much less their food) without gagging a bit.  However, I watched it again last Saturday night (2 days ago), and more than anything it made me want a two cheeseburger combo from McDonald’s.  I’ve eaten at McDonald’s, and Burger King since then.

I’m not saying that you were wrong to put out the documentary at all.  I’m grateful that you would put yourself at risk to show us the dangers that we face everyday in our American lives.  Having said that, next time you put together a documentary about the dangers of consumer products, you may want to focus more on your pain than the products themselves.  

The pain you did show looked like no fun.
The food, however, looked amazing. 

Your Consumeristic Counterpart,
– Nate. 

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