I’m not sure why I never fell in love with Led Zeppelin.
I grew up around it – though, I’m sure that this is why I dismissed them.   

I grew up around two kinds of music:
culturally christian music, and classic rock.   

I dismissed the former because most of it sucks (although, I do find a few christian artists – despite their being stuck in a christian market – to be fairly brilliant writers), and I dismissed the latter because the people that listened to it in Santa Clarita were known to play baseball, chew tobacco, drive trucks that were raised higher than Everest, sport Skin™ stickers on said truck, and drink venti caramel frappacinos with extra caramel.  

Yesterday, however, I nonchalantly took a listen to Zeppelin’s stuff on iTunes, and within minutes I had bought the Mothership.

A few months ago I got addicted to the Beatles, and I feel another one coming on.

Heartbreaker is amazing.

Who’s with me? 


One Response to “LedZep.”
  1. Zep is really cool. If you never checked them out, check out The Who. I just got into them and I LOVE ’em

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