This is Me Smiling.

I’ve spent this morning drinking tea, singing songs, playing guitar and just relaxing.
Unfortunately, I am dealing with a pretty gnarly head-cold, and tomorrow is my first day in the studio.
Even more unfortunate, aside from the pretty lengthy nap I got yesterday, I haven’t really been able to rest this weekend. I would go into more detail about that, but I’ll save you the journal entry.

I will, however, mention how grateful I am that God has given me the friends I have. Brian and Amanda took me out Friday night to celebrate my new job, and my teacher for most of high school (Mike), took me out yesterday afternoon to celebrate as well. While I must admit that getting taken out to celebrate the fact that I’ll be making more money seems slightly weird to me (shouldn’t I be paying in this case?), I am so grateful to have friends that care about me, and wish to celebrate this unexpected opportunity with me.

This is me smiling.


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