I had a conversation with Clinton last night after my typography class regarding the refocusdesign website, and he brought up some good points:

1. Clients/potential clients don’t care about what Amanda and I do when we hang out (and you may not care either, but you’re still reading!), so I may not want to link to my personal blog from refocusdesigndotcom. While, it was more of a temporary link in the first place, until I got a refocus blog, he was still right. I took that link down and I am developing a blog for the ‘professional’ type people to look at. You can find that here. Although, there’s NOTHING to look at yet. What does one write for their first ‘official’ blog post on a ‘company’ blog. I’m not that formal!

2. Clients don’t want a link to my personal Flickr site. This too, was obvious to me, and again, the link to my personal Flickr site was only temporary (as I already have Flickr.com/photos/refocusdesign). However, I have disabled the ‘portfolio’ link as well on refocusdesigndotcom so that I can develop a more ‘professional’ and cohesive portfolio (albeit I will still be using a Flickr slideshow, since I do not know my CSS/HTLM well enough to embed anything into my site). At this point, other than a sweet looking buddy icon (if I may say so myself), there is nothing else. That should be updated and ready to go by the end of this week.

3. After much consideration, I am ditching the idea of having an icon as part of my logo. It will only be type. People take the wording of refocusdesign way to literally, and keep telling me to use crosshairs, or something else that takes on the idea of focusing. I mean, I honestly didn’t think to hard about naming this company. I didn’t even really fall in love with the name. I just knew that working under the name ‘nathan ryan design’ sounded stupid. That’s all for that one. RIP cool looking icon.

ANYWAY. All of this should be updated by the end of the week, and I’ll be ready to go. Next week I’m going to work on my own print material.

Let me calculate something real quick:

Proxart just started a blog – which I will be writing on every so often.
Sacred Way just started a blog – which I will be writing on every so often.
I just started a Refocus blog – which I will need to update at least 2 times a week (if I am in fact, working on stuff) in order for me to feel productive.

I will be writing on a total of four blogs very soon, and that will be insane.
Luckily, this blog will culminate all of them. So, if I write something on refocus, it will be here. If I write something for Sacred Way, it will be here. If I write something for Proxart… you got it.

ANYWAY (again), I am in the middle of some talks with Disney, and I may be going on to work as a freelance artist about 24hrs and week, which would be cool. I would learn more about print design there then I ever would at school.

I’m just going to throw this out there: If you are in a band (that makes good music) / a church (that doesn’t want an eagle, fire, or a praise flag on your material) / a business (that wants to look good):

and you need a press kit / album cover / poster / photography / promotional material,

– OR –

if you just happen to know anyone who meets any of the above criteria, please email me. I’m serious.

While I’m enjoying the work I’m doing, I would love to get into the music scene so that I can design some stuff like this.

Click it.


p.s. If you read through that mess, and got all the way to the bottom (AND made sense of everything)… bravo.


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