I’ve said it before,

And I’ll say it again:

This blog is mostly fluff. It’s just random things that go through my head, random designs I am working on and random videos I watch on youtube that have nothing to do with anything.

That being said, I would like to keep it that way. This way, you have a website you can come to that will only continue to remind you that there is at least one more person in the world that has more, less important things to say than you do (that’s right… read it again… it does make sense).

ANYWAY, the point of this blog is not to defend my shallowness…

The point is to let you know that Sacred Way now has a blog that may occasionally have its stupid posts, but in most cases it will be the opposite of this one.

Where as my blog may have a serious factor of 10%, and a BS factor of 85% (I don’t know where the other 5% goes either), Sacred Ways blog will most assuredly have a serious factor of at least 80.719%, and a BS factor of approximately 19.381%.

At Sacred Way’s blog, fluff will be minimal.

Here, fluff is King.

One Response to “I’ve said it before,”
  1. Noted.

    Ironically, the flickr picture of the girl yelling at the waffle is seriously funny.

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