I shall post my progress as I go.

I have decided to declare today as a self-promo day:

So today:

I will be working on updating the refocus website (because it needs one badly) // redesigning my business cards (because since I printed my previous ones, I have learned infinitely more in terms of printing techniques), and I will be making some phone calls // sending some emails.

Of course, I have some little things to finish up for some clients, but those shouldn’t take long at all.

I’ve found that self-promo is the toughest thing to make yourself do when working freelance. Partly because I can’t ever commit to a design that I like enough to associate with myself (hence all the redesigns of the refocus logo), and partly because I have so many other projects for clients that I am working on at any given time.

Check back later.

I shall post my progress as I go.

Thank God for Jet, and Jimi.
They will keep me awake today…

p.s. I know that the post directly under this one says that I would write more about Proxart, but I figure it would be better to show you photos.  As I had too much going on that night to worry about taking pictures, my good friend Brian took them for us.  Once I get the disc with the photos from him I will post them here, and show you the madness that is Proxart. 

Also, please boycott Yes I Can.  They have stolen from Brian, and have yet to pay him for his film work. 

Thank you.


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