This was killer the first time we did it.

Proxart is tonight, and normally I would be stressed beyond belief.

This is our third one, and with the first two, EVERYTHING fell on me:  promotion, booking, scheduling, any printed materials for the night… it was pretty much all my baby.

Luckily, that is not the case today!  This month, Sammy has been handling almostall of the booking and scheduling, AND he has made sure to stay in contact with all of our artists; this let me oversee what he was doing without having to actually do it, as well as make sure that the creative, and promotional aspects were happening as well.

Another thing that totally helps today is the fact that we have already hung up the art from our featured artists.  This was killer the first time we did it.  Partly because we didn’t know what we were doing, but mostly because we had an hour to figure out what we were doing before the event actually started.  It was pretty messy.

Tonight, aside from helping out a little bit with sound for the performers, I will just be able to hang out, and observe without wanting to kill myself.  That will be nice.

THE BEST thing about tonight’s event though, will certainly be the artists that we are featuring.   They are all incredibly talented, and since they live in Santa Clarita, they are usually overlooked.

Tonight we will be hearing some music from Tristan Green and Sarah Johnston.  Check them out on myspace.  They’re worth your time.

Our visual artists tonight include some wonderful paintings from Marisela Guizar, Alana Olzick, and some photography by Amy Thompson.  mmmmm… Eye candy.

Not to mention (except I AM mentioning it) we’re at Abbey Lane Cafe tonight, and the environment will kick it up a notch even more.

If you are in the area tonight (or you feel like taking a drive), please feel free to stop by and hang out with us.

Here’s a map!

Here’s our website*!

Hope to see you there!

– love.

* which NEEDS a redesign… I’m not a web guy!

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