There’s a space-ship on stage, and it’s quite rad.

This morning was beautiful.

I semi-despise the title ‘worship leader’, because in all reality, I just play music. I happen to connect with God through music, and I think that God has a way of connecting with people through melody. However, for me to think that I am ‘leading worship’ by merely playing songs that people can sing with their lips seems like I’m jumping the gun.

This morning was different though.

Sacred Way has been meeting in the back room of a church called The Sanctuary. In a room called Missionary Control. There’s a space-ship on stage, and it’s quite rad.
We didn’t start there though. We started at a guy named Lenny’s house.
Since we couldn’t use Missionary Control for our easter gathering today (as Sanctuary needs it for their children), we were back at Lenny’s.

We did very little marketing (<– another term that I am uncomfortable using when talking about Church) for Easter, but nonetheless, we probably had 15-20 brand new people walk through the doors of the house.
Every single one of them sang.
This was one moment in time that I was proud of.
Not for my sake, but because I didn’t know much about many of these people, and yet we moved passed that together.
We sang songs to Jesus.
And that was good for me.
It actually brought me to tears; I choked up a bit while singing.

Like a little girl.


On a less sappy note, I got all the markout from Starbucks last night, and Easter will be remembered from now on in my mind as The Morning of Muffins (or, The Mourning of Muffins, depending on how much of a health freak you are). This was Amanda’s reaction to the Muffin Menagerie:

You don’t even know the half of it.

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