Abbey Lane Cafe

I’m spending most of my day today across town at Abbey Lane Cafe in Stevenson Ranch, and I must say that there are very few, if any, places like this in the good old Santa Clarita Valley:

Good coffee – from their own coffee bean supplier in South America.

Good food – I had a bagel and jelly this morning, and I am currently eating a cup of shrimp bisque.

Amazing atmosphere – some lady just spilled a bottle of vitamin water on the ground and some people screamed (this, I guess, doesn’t make it an amazing atmosphere – it just happened exactly as I was writing that phrase).

Free wifi – I’m on it!

So far today they have played entire albums by Sufjan Stevens and Jeff Buckley. Right now Iron and Wine’s ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ is playing. They pick good music; as they don’t have to subscribe to a pre-played list of songs that some dude in Wisconsin wants to be played in his chain of stores.

Because of these things (and a few more that I don’t have time to write about), this is where we’ll be holding our Featured Artist nights every other month (including this month on the 28th), but I would just like to note that if you’re in the area, its a good place to stop and hang out. It actually feels semi-intelligent, and it has a disgustingly creative atmosphere if you need to get down and create.

In short: Abbey Lane is one of those few places that seems to really promote the development of art, and culture within the Santa Clarita Valley. And they have REAAAAAALLY good shrimp bisque.


One Response to “Abbey Lane Cafe”
  1. sandylove says:

    Has anyone ever told you how beautifully you write?…. if not… I AM!…I am putting you on my blogroll!..lolololol

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