i’m not that kind of girl.

so, i just got back from working at the bucks.

because there is so much syrup flinging while making drinks, i usually come home with mocha on my arms, and toffee nut in my hair.
while this is alright with me for a little while (seeing as i, myself, do enjoy mocha and/or toffee nut on occasion), my normal routine is to shower immediately after i get off.

today, i did just that.

except, when i got into the shower, i found that i was out of man shampoo, and would have to use my sisters.
that’s cool.
so i picked up shelby’s shampoo, because she’s the older of the two sisters (lyndsey’s always smells like strawberry, and i’m not that kind of girl).
brunette goddess, by bed head?
sure, i’m a brunette.
not quite a goddess, but i’ll work with it.

so i got my hair wet, and applied the shampoo.
what does brunette goddess smell like you ask?

toffee nut/mocha.



(this lesson about irony has been brought to you courtesy of Starbucks Coffee Company™, Bed Head Hair and Salon Products™, and viewers like you.) 

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