dogmatism v. faith

“Dogmatism and faith are not identical! Dogmatism is like stone. Faith is like soil.

Dogmatism refuses to admit doubt. Faith often struggles with doubt.

Dogmatism is brittle… cracks under pressure. Faith is resilient, malleable and teachable. Dogmatism is defensive… stereotyped… static. Faith rests… but it is never smug, pat or complacent.

Dogmatism is a closed system. Faith is open to reason.

Dogmatism is a tunnel. Faith is a mountain peak.

Dogmatism fills one with pride. Faith inspires awe and reverence.

Dogmatism insists on propositions. Faith knows Christ.

Dogmatism generates bigotry. Faith stimulates understanding.”

– Dr. Richard Halverson.

think about it…

which one are you…



One Response to “dogmatism v. faith”
  1. enreal says:

    Very interesting indeed…Is it dogmatic to ask these questions?

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