5 hours.

my newfound friend vitalik and i spent some time yesterday brainstorming for March’s proxart poster:

5 hours to be exact.
because, i mean… what else is there to do when you have a 7 hour break in between classes?
we took a completely different creative direction for this month (compared to last months), but i LOVE it.
i’m so much happier with this one already.
and we’re not finished with layout.
vitalik will also be designing another poster altogether, so we’ll have two different posters in circulation for the month of march.
which will be rad.

ANYWAY, we had a great time brainstorming ideas, and being creative.
i had forgotten how much more fun designing is when you’re working with other people.

so much better.

proxart’s next event is this friday night, at it’s a grind in santa clarita.

we’re featuring the poetry of Tami Falkenstein, and Ernesto Ramirez; and the music of Lenny Graves and the Knights of Fennario.
so if you’re in the area and you want to come hang out with all of us, we’d love to see your face.

thanks for reading.



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