thank you for kicking me in the face first thing this morning.

sundays used to be high stress for me.
they were the culmination of a weeks work.
a weeks work for a program:

make sure the band has rehearsed.
make sure the set list/program schedule is created.
make sure the sound rider is mapped out.
make sure the media is put together.
make sure the alarm goes off.
make sure you listen to the alarm.

that’s not the whole list. probably about 1/3 of it.

very high stress.

needless to say: sunday’s have been very relaxing for me lately.
they have been a day for me to celebrate the good and the bad things of my week.
a culmination that’s – for me – more about life in general, then it is about a week’s work to fill a program.

this morning i made coffee at home, read my bible, played my guitar for a while, and put together the media for tonight.

very low stress.

and because my sunday mornings are low stress, i’m much more relaxed for Sacred Way’s gathering at night.
i feel excited about playing songs that we sing together as Christ’s church.
not burdened by it, like i had been before.

at this point in time, it’s normally just myself and Lenny doing the music (with Timmy sitting in occasionally).
sure, i still have the normal ‘set list woes’, and i still carry a lot of the same responsibilities, but i feel a sense of creative freedom that i haven’t felt in a long time.

it’s very nice.

i would also like to take this time to personally thank Starbucks French Roast coffee:

thank you for kicking me in the face first thing this morning.
it was much needed.



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