tax season…

is kind of like duck season.
except the ducks shoot you.

no… that’s not right.

what i’m really trying to say, is that i worked at a church for 9 months out of this year.
and when i say worked at a church, i mean that they paid me.
and when i say they paid me, i mean that they didn’t withhold taxes.

this means (pay attention chillen’) that on April 15, the ducks shoot me*.
this means that i end up having to pay the government the money that should have been given to them at the beginning.
this proves to be quite confusing to me, because i somehow always get attached to the money i make, and i don’t want to give it back.

so every year before i have to pay taxes (i am going on the 3rd year), in a fit of protest, i go out and buy something well beyond what i should spend just to make a statement to washington.

so, Anna Escobedo Cabral, i hope you’re either looking real hard or running away:



you can’t have my money if i give it to steve jobs!


*forced attempt to tie in a hopeless analogy.

One Response to “tax season…”
  1. matt says:

    hehe, “in russia, car drive YOU!”

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