no. i’m not an alcoholic.

i have developed somewhat of an obsession with the beatles.
but, like alcohol, i’m fairly sure that it’s an obsession that others share with me*.
last week i read geoff emerick’s book ‘here, there, and everywhere’.
geoff was the beatles studio engineer from the revolver album, through their final album abbey road (albeit, he did get fed up and walk out during the white album).
so, naturally, as i was reading about all the crazy innovative things the beatle’s did in the studio, i went out and bought the albums.
well, some of them.
i bought sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band, revolver, and i already owned the white album.
but today timmy brought me a nice little stack so that i could further expand my collection:



*no. i’m not an alcoholic. i was merely saying that alcoholics aren’t alone. and neither are beatles fans.

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