i kind of hit the ground running when i got home from oregon.
we just finalized our cards for sacred way.
they look like this:

we made very minute changes, but i’m happy with them.
MUCH better than our first cards.

we have some other things that need to be designed/printed for sacred way within the next week or two, and i’m working on those.

today i began working on a tribute DVD for Billy Graham’s 50th  anniversary with Brad.  and this time, he’s pretty much handed the work all over to me.  so i’m as scared as hell (which is pretty scary if you actually think about it).  we have to work through the drafts, and come to the final project by next friday.  this project will be incredibly different for me because it will be the first time i’ll be dealing with actual contracted terms.  like, these people aren’t joking around.  this is also why i won’t be able to post any updates or comps on here.  which you’re probably all fine with (i see you nodding your head).

and randomly, at a resort on our way home, i met the vice president of a company called the West Africa Development Corporation in the spa.  we began talking, and after about 20 minutes, it was decided that i was going to design their logo and their business cards.  so those are in the works as well right now.

this is all very fun for me.

however, tonight when i walked into my house, i grabbed a bag of chips.  my mother saw me with them and said, ‘aren’t those stale?  i think they’re expired.’

i said, ‘no, they taste fine.  if it’s edible i’ll eat it.’

so, i ate the whole bag.

then i saw this:

not good.

i may have to deal with some 3 month old corn tortillas in a few hours.

and nobody likes cornholio at 3 am.



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