my digital leash.

amanda and i are sitting in a little shop called the olive pit in redding, california.

we’re on our way back from oregon, and i haven’t had internet in quite some time.  i was a little uneasy about not having it, but it was a good thing to get away from it.  it was nice to not have a digital leash.
although, i was pretty attached to my camera.
and i’ve concluded that photographers are quite possibly the most annoying people in the world.  while, i wouldn’t call myself a photographer, i do know that my bending down to try to get an interesting perspective for a shot, and/or just taking shots ALL the time.
i would be uncomfortable too.
i got weird looks.

i don’t have enough time to upload too many photos, but i’ve taken a lot.

we’ve decided to use the same design that we had for our Podcast cover as a new business card, and, as far as the Podcast / business card thing goes, i’ve decided to go with the white border.  it was a collective decision mind you, but i’m sure that i’ll order the next round of cards with the lower opacity (just to see).

so, until i get a longer time with the internet here’s round 1 of the card:



i still need to fix some alignment, and do some color correction.  but all that will happen before thursday when we finally send them to print.

that’s my favorite part.


{the beatles :: sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band}

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